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08/09/2019 17:10
Oi, enufsed, sent you an email.

08/08/2019 13:16
Hey there HB! A little late to the party but can I get access?

07/31/2019 19:23
Never mind shoutbox reading, read this!

04/16/2019 17:19
Kden switch of Username to keep under the radar in da back room...lemme know if you like do same

03/11/2019 08:04
Added some...

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Admin (site/Content)
  • Very little has been going on in the last couple of months. I've been trying, time permitting, to upgrade the site to the latest versi0on v9. It bombed, so I'm going to do a clean and empty install of v8.00.21, same as this site. After that I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with that site. Or maybe just copy this site to become aguaguat and dump this. I dunno. Life's been getting busy... too busy to keep up with multiple sites. (12/03/19)

  • Domain is going to expire in oh, a month from now. Change your link to this site if you're coming here from that domain. If you don't know the original/real domain, then you haven't been paying attention. (11/20/19) expired. Going to that domain no longer works.

  • Content from the two other sites, at least what I decided to keep of them, is now absorbed and consolidated. Not sure what I'm going to do with the other domains... probably let therm expire after offering to Ronnie or someone else who dabbles with web sites to take them over and renew if they want. Now this and main site are sitting at v8.00.21. Contemplating upgrade to v9.03.00, but weighing (1) the hassle of doing it now, (2) the headaches of upgrading knowing there are issues after upgrading that have to be discovered and tweaked, (3) what v9 brings that makes the hassle worth it. Whatever version I stay with for now, I'm going to go back to multi-site member d/b under one domain name and not the split. Spitting the main and back room sites has been wasted effort and will be a pain going back. But given the trend in logins and real deal members over the last (decade or so), there's no need for multiple sites, multiple domains, the added expense and work of it, for the sake of "hiding behind the curtain". Private and higher group catering only. Fuck the wannabes. (11/16/19)

  • Still moving things around. One site done, the other still in progress. I'm back into debate over whether I should keep this site a separated domain from my 'main/personal/fam' site or merge them into the same domain and configure this one as the true 'back room area' of said main site. That, so that only one member database logs in to both areas and managing one site vs 2+ sites is easier. Down side, depending on viewpoint, is the entire main and back room sites are no longer anonymous. Not for me, and so my requirement will be not for members either. Dunno... still debating. (11/5/19)

  • Restricted access and the https change apparently fucked something up. Maybe. I don't know. It's always something, if not one thing it's gonna be another. This one is issues with secret group area login. Well. It seems that sometime not long ago after I added https (SSL certificate security) to the site, it's been messing with the htaccess login to the secret group area/level on certain areas of the site. It's always something. It's not like I have all kinds of time to mess with trying to figure out what's wrong. Dammit... so for now, maybe the login to the secret group areas work, maybe not. (8/25/19)

  • I gotta put this out. Attention Registered Members (that means newly registered and those who have been in here longer as well as the higher level member groups). Did you read The Back Room ACCESS TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT when you registered or were otherwise initially given access here? No? Read it then. Particularly for those longtime members of the other project sites who have moved over here.... the intent and mindset here is different and active content participation is required on this site! (8/9/19)

  • Hmmm. Need a mechanism for member group upgrades since direct registrations is turned on. Gotta work on that.... (8/8/19)
    Save for later. Registration turned back off for now... (8/14/19)

  • Site Registration from the main page is turned on We'll see if registrations directly off the web, as opposed to being 'screened' or registered on the other site first, negatively impacts the ambiance.(8/6/19)
    Save for later. Registration turned back off for now... (8/14/19)

  • Well shit... the multi-site thing where both the main and this Back Room area uses the same member database and single login just didn't work out for comfortably separating the sites. Separate login on each is required. (6/24/19)

  • Decided to put a bulletins panel up for significant site related things. More for my own tracking...(3/24/19)
  • #1 | Sirena on August 30 2019 21:11
    So are all the content from the other project sites being moved to this?
    #2 | Hashbud on September 01 2019 04:18
    No. I'm not bringing over much of the 'anonymous' and not directly interesting stuff, if you know what I mean. Waste of space.
    #3 | ronnieboy on September 11 2019 04:23
    Hoi, keep my shit ok
    #4 | anonymized on September 28 2019 10:23
    The old web page sent me here, so now I am not at higher level. I used to be on the old web page. What do I gotta do?

    #5 | Hashbud on September 29 2019 02:00
    JBM well you were higher level, yes, secret level I know. You been inactive for a long time no updates no new secret shared stuff thought you got lost. On this site it ain't going to be a one time thing to get in at higher group. Participate, contribute and update your good shit. So start up again with newer content. That's all.

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