Admin (site/Content)People register because of passive interest, or uninterested curiosity, and then don't return. That's fine. That's also work to clear out stale member registrations. My site is for my purposes, and purposes of and for sharing with, friends. This site is my 'back room' of my main web site. The front door, then, is my main site.

If you're registered on the main site and have already obtained ADULT group access there, send me a PM on the main site and I'll copy your profile to this site for you to access.


If you're truly interested in becoming a member to access this site, send me an email. Tell/send me:

1. who you are (meaning name - real not bullshit fake) and social media profile link.

2. pic of photo ID, Guam origin preferred and first choice, that validates you to your social media profile and to the name you provided.

3. that you understand and want adult level group access. There is no point in you coming into this site if not for adult access. You are not welcome on this site if adult content offends you.

If #1 and #2 info don't make it obvious that you're linked to Guam, explain what your interest is here.

If #1 and #2 don't confirm that you're of adult age, well, what can I say other than you ain't getting in.

Bottom line is I don't want any non-associated to my home interests riff raff accessing my site, or knowing who I am. and if you don't want me to know who you are, then move on. I wouldn't let someone I don't know into my house, and neither would you.

p.s. with regard to my stuff on here, there is a relationship between my intention to limit visitors/registered members to being of island origin, and having adult content. Think about that for a minute and your intentions if you ask for access.