This is my private, personal web space. I use it to store, reference, and share a myriad of content as an extension of my main web site (located elsewhere and visibly linked to/from this site only if you are given group access privileges to see the association). This is a 'back room' area for safekeeping of more personal and very private stuff. I am not a porn enthusiast; porn in general, meaning web porn from whatever sources and of people with whom I have no personal or demographic connection, doesn't particularly interest me. Adult content does when it is focused more 'locally'. Guam in particular, but also with other Pacific Islanders. I enjoy seeing and sharing photos and videos of Chamorro couples in adult, erotic, taboo scenes. Sexually stimulating scenes. Sexual intercourse, oral sex, threesomes, group sex, posing and just showing real, nude and erotically revealing scenes.

This back room site is where I keep and privately, secretly, share the same kind of photo and video content of me and my wife. Of us engaged in scenarios with others (primarily my wife with other men). Yes my Chamorrita wife lets me photograph and video her in sexual play. We love the forbidden fruit of revealing ourselves sexually. Well, I enjoy it. She enjoys the fantasy of it - but doesn't necessarily know I really am sharing. She does it for my private pleasure. And she enjoys the fringe benefits of being a naughty woman, a naughty wife. I of course love seeing her being the naughty girl I always knew and loved, but in much more mature and sexually explicit ways. As I and at least two other Chamorro guys who have seen her this way describe it, a Chamorrita girl like few others.